Elder Scrolls Online: ESO Wiki

The Elder Scrolls Online popularly known as ESO is one of the most popular MMO Game that we have now. It is a high quality game that is compatible with all sort of gaming devices. Be it Sony PlayStation, XBox or anything else, ESO rules everywhere. Talking about competitors then games like World of Warcraft (WoW) gives head to head competition to ESO. However if you ask me personally then both represents different world and both have merits/de-merits in their own ways.

Things that makes ESO unique than its competitors

Things that makes ESO stand apart from other similar games is its diverse gaming arena. Let me tell you that ESO was in development/testing phase for 7 continuous years. You will feel the efforts of those 7 years during the entire game play. Almost everything is take care of properly and you will find minimal errors/shortcomings in it.

ESO ClassesYou will find a well defines format, well defined/built characters, gaming zones and everything that you want from an MMO game.

Classes in ESO

ESO is divided in 4 unique classes. These are:

  • DragonKnight
  • Templar
  • Night Blade
  • Sorcerer

All these classes are embedded with unique powers/spells that allows them to stand apart from each other which makes the entire game play different every time you choose a new class. ESO Sorcerer Class is the class that I play most of the time with. It allows you to have complete freedom with variety range of  spells that are equally good and verse than any other ESO class.

ESO Latest Updates/Builds

Going onward we will cover latest updates about ESO. For now we don’t see anything special to be shared here. If you are a regular ESO player then you must be knowing the importance of character builds in game. Coming to character build then please take my advise which has helped me a lot in the entire process. Choose one character, understand its powers, uniqueness. Roam around the arena with it and have full control over it. Slowly and slowly start building its nature and keep repeating the process un till you think that it has got the right build.

Once it is done, switch over to next character and repeat the same. In this way you will easily build all your characters to next stage/level. Kindly let me know if anything required from my end.

Check Wiki Reference here


Sony PS3 freezing again and again, what to do?

We have already seen lot of problems with Sony PS3. Some of the common problems are yellow light of death, red light of death etc. Now we are going to introduce one new problem freezing to our users.

What is PS3 Freezing and how to solve it?

It is nothing but your console’s response against heat. As PS3 heats up while gaming so it will need some time to get cooled down. This time gets converted into freezing.

PS3 Freezing

Below are some of the things/precautions that you can use to avoid freezing of your console.

1) Keep Ps3 console over a cold location. Consider great terrain or even something diffrent that’s great. Be a small inventive with this. Although, don’t employ moist rest room towels or even one thing. The idea doesn’t resolve ones ps3, it solely makes it more serious.

2) Reboot ones ps3. This may end the cold complications, however it’s additionally feasible it doesn’t get any kind of result in any way. Although it’s really worth a try although.

3) Was ones Ps3 sizzling once the freezes occured? Make an effort to great it along by placing ones ps3 slim off of. This kind of basically may fix the cold complications.

4) Verify the overall game disc and be sure there are simply no streaks. In that case, clean up it. I usually employ Windex as well as a really soft fabric.

5) Verify ones wires. Can there be any kind of loose cable connection? In that case, then connect it out there and back. Didn’t work? Take out the many wires which might be rocked inside But is not the ability cord. After you’ve completed this specific, connect these people back.

6) Look at yet another video game and find out what the results are. If it doesn’t freeze them throughout the some other video game, then it could be the hard drive itself.

These are some of the ways that can help you freeze out your PS3 easily. Just make sure to keep it away from excessive heat which will eventually solve this problem.

YLOD, a big challenge for PlayStation or just a taboo?

YLOD stands for Yellow Light of Death and is a common scenario that almost every Sony PS user experiences. It is nothing but a series of light flashing in different color. It corrupts your PS console and sometimes (in higher degrees) it will stop your Play Station to read discs, play games on it. Here we are going to unwrap YLOD layer by layer and going to understand why it happens and can it be avoided or you need to replace/repair your console after it.

Symptoms of YLOD

Once you start your Play Station, it will start normally, I mean at first it will blink green light, then it will blink yellow light for about 2-3 times and then it will start blinking red light continuously. If any such thing is happening with your console then that means it has affected by YLOD or RLOD (Red Light of Death). Now you have analyzed how you can identify YLOD/RLOD on your PlayStation. Now what next? Should you replace your PS3 console now or should you get the error rectified by visiting Sony Service Center?

Play Station Logo

How to solve YLOD on Play Station?

I was reading a report where a guy discussed how his PS4 was infected by YLOD and how he solved YLOD on PS4 (it is PS3 I guess, please check the article). There he advised that if your device is under warranty period then you don’t need to worry at all as Sony Service center people will repair it for free. But in case your console is out of warranty period i.e. it has extended warranty support date (which is the usual scenario as YLOD takes time to appear) then you don’t need to panic first.

The guy I am talking here (referenced above) has solved his YLOD on his own. All he did was to took help from online YLOD solving product (please visit his blog for more information). I will advise you the same. I mean what is the use of paying hundreds of dollars to some mechanic when you can resolve the issue on your own that too in $30-40 only.

This way you will learn a lot and will save a lot as well. So YLOD?RLOD should not be treated as a taboo. It is a common problem that can arise with any Play Station console. Best part of it is that it can be rectified on our own. Comment below if you need my help on it.

Can gaming devices be without bugs?

Can gaming devices be without any fault or bug? I know it is a critical question for most of the gamers. Ideally nothing is supposed to deliver 100% but the speed we are going/progressing currently is something that asks us to rethink about 100% concept. Today we are living in a very precise world where we have crossed nano range also.

Sony PS3

So a simple question, can’t we design a gaming device that will be free of all the bugs and can deliver best optimum experience every time? Frankly speaking then I don’t think this way. According to me 100% will never be achievable, however we can delay the bug/faults period to some extent. As we know electronic components are used in all the gaming devices which are vulnerable to various time bugs like ageing, eruption etc. These are the things that stops a gaming device to become bug free for ever.

Best Gaming Device till now?

Superb question, isn’t it? Today we are living with XBox and PlayStation. But for me I still remember those TV Games that comes with simple console and allowed me to play games like Mario, Kontra, Tanker etc (every 90’s kid will remember that for sure). Besides that I love Sony Play Station to great extent. I am following Sony PS since PS2. Sadly I haven’t used PS4 yet but I hope I will be bale to use it soon.


Coming to XBox then I don’t have any personal experience with it, however some of my friends are using it and I have played some XBox games on my friend’s consoles. All I can say about XBox is that it also gives good experience and is embedded with components that provides very high end experience to users (for some cases I felt it better than my PS3 even). But still there are some areas where I found PS bit ahead of XBox.

Choice will vary person to person and will never remain the same. I want you to come up with your reviews about your gaming devices (preferably XBox and Play Station users). Which device you like more and why.

How to avoid over access of gaming?

I must be writing in favor of games but I will start my journey with some opposing content. I believe you must be well aware of the verse “Excess of anything is always harmful and we should avoid it as much as possible.” Same applies with gaming. Gaming to some extent is good and refreshes mind to great extent but when a limit is crossed then it becomes a problem and might put you in great troubles.

Video Games Addiction

I used to be a vivid gamer till few months from now. I am going to share my own experience of how I avoided excess gaming and successfully managed to keep it away from my daily routine. It will help you to recover from Video Game Addiction problem.

Tips to avoid Excess Gaming

When I heard the word Games then the first thing that comes in my mind is Play Station or XBox. Both the gaming consoles are really good and are capable of providing decent enough gaming experience to users. I have played a lot of Play Stations (in case you have some queries about you then you can reach out to me anytime). Let me leave this topic here only and start the main discussion.

So how one can avoid over excess of anything (I am not focusing on gaming only). What I did is simply diverted my focus towards social media sites (I am not very fond of social media). As I knew I will not be able to give time towards social media sites regularly so I chose it. For some days I was able to focus there and magically I left gaming to some extent. Till that time I had successfully reduced my gaming time to half.

As I knew I will not be able to focus there completely (which happens eventually) so I started focusing towards books (which is my second love after blogging). So now I left social media and started reading books. It helped me a lot and I was finally able to leave gaming to great extent (almost 70%).

What I want to convey from this long story is that you just need to shift your focus towards your liking (be it reading, cooking, dancing or anything) and believe me you will see noticeable results in few days only. I was very happy after this incidence and I use to suggest it to every gamer who want to leave this addiction to some extent.