How to avoid over access of gaming?

I must be writing in favor of games but I will start my journey with some opposing content. I believe you must be well aware of the verse “Excess of anything is always harmful and we should avoid it as much as possible.” Same applies with gaming. Gaming to some extent is good and refreshes mind to great extent but when a limit is crossed then it becomes a problem and might put you in great troubles.

Video Games Addiction

I used to be a vivid gamer till few months from now. I am going to share my own experience of how I avoided excess gaming and successfully managed to keep it away from my daily routine. It will help you to recover from Video Game Addiction problem.

Tips to avoid Excess Gaming

When I heard the word Games then the first thing that comes in my mind is Play Station or XBox. Both the gaming consoles are really good and are capable of providing decent enough gaming experience to users. I have played a lot of Play Stations (in case you have some queries about you then you can reach out to me anytime). Let me leave this topic here only and start the main discussion.

So how one can avoid over excess of anything (I am not focusing on gaming only). What I did is simply diverted my focus towards social media sites (I am not very fond of social media). As I knew I will not be able to give time towards social media sites regularly so I chose it. For some days I was able to focus there and magically I left gaming to some extent. Till that time I had successfully reduced my gaming time to half.

As I knew I will not be able to focus there completely (which happens eventually) so I started focusing towards books (which is my second love after blogging). So now I left social media and started reading books. It helped me a lot and I was finally able to leave gaming to great extent (almost 70%).

What I want to convey from this long story is that you just need to shift your focus towards your liking (be it reading, cooking, dancing or anything) and believe me you will see noticeable results in few days only. I was very happy after this incidence and I use to suggest it to every gamer who want to leave this addiction to some extent.


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