Can gaming devices be without bugs?

Can gaming devices be without any fault or bug? I know it is a critical question for most of the gamers. Ideally nothing is supposed to deliver 100% but the speed we are going/progressing currently is something that asks us to rethink about 100% concept. Today we are living in a very precise world where we have crossed nano range also.

Sony PS3

So a simple question, can’t we design a gaming device that will be free of all the bugs and can deliver best optimum experience every time? Frankly speaking then I don’t think this way. According to me 100% will never be achievable, however we can delay the bug/faults period to some extent. As we know electronic components are used in all the gaming devices which are vulnerable to various time bugs like ageing, eruption etc. These are the things that stops a gaming device to become bug free for ever.

Best Gaming Device till now?

Superb question, isn’t it? Today we are living with XBox and PlayStation. But for me I still remember those TV Games that comes with simple console and allowed me to play games like Mario, Kontra, Tanker etc (every 90’s kid will remember that for sure). Besides that I love Sony Play Station to great extent. I am following Sony PS since PS2. Sadly I haven’t used PS4 yet but I hope I will be bale to use it soon.


Coming to XBox then I don’t have any personal experience with it, however some of my friends are using it and I have played some XBox games on my friend’s consoles. All I can say about XBox is that it also gives good experience and is embedded with components that provides very high end experience to users (for some cases I felt it better than my PS3 even). But still there are some areas where I found PS bit ahead of XBox.

Choice will vary person to person and will never remain the same. I want you to come up with your reviews about your gaming devices (preferably XBox and Play Station users). Which device you like more and why.


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