YLOD, a big challenge for PlayStation or just a taboo?

YLOD stands for Yellow Light of Death and is a common scenario that almost every Sony PS user experiences. It is nothing but a series of light flashing in different color. It corrupts your PS console and sometimes (in higher degrees) it will stop your Play Station to read discs, play games on it. Here we are going to unwrap YLOD layer by layer and going to understand why it happens and can it be avoided or you need to replace/repair your console after it.

Symptoms of YLOD

Once you start your Play Station, it will start normally, I mean at first it will blink green light, then it will blink yellow light for about 2-3 times and then it will start blinking red light continuously. If any such thing is happening with your console then that means it has affected by YLOD or RLOD (Red Light of Death). Now you have analyzed how you can identify YLOD/RLOD on your PlayStation. Now what next? Should you replace your PS3 console now or should you get the error rectified by visiting Sony Service Center?

Play Station Logo

How to solve YLOD on Play Station?

I was reading a report where a guy discussed how his PS4 was infected by YLOD and how he solved YLOD on PS4 (it is PS3 I guess, please check the article). There he advised that if your device is under warranty period then you don’t need to worry at all as Sony Service center people will repair it for free. But in case your console is out of warranty period i.e. it has extended warranty support date (which is the usual scenario as YLOD takes time to appear) then you don’t need to panic first.

The guy I am talking here (referenced above) has solved his YLOD on his own. All he did was to took help from online YLOD solving product (please visit his blog for more information). I will advise you the same. I mean what is the use of paying hundreds of dollars to some mechanic when you can resolve the issue on your own that too in $30-40 only.

This way you will learn a lot and will save a lot as well. So YLOD?RLOD should not be treated as a taboo. It is a common problem that can arise with any Play Station console. Best part of it is that it can be rectified on our own. Comment below if you need my help on it.


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