Sony PS3 freezing again and again, what to do?

We have already seen lot of problems with Sony PS3. Some of the common problems are yellow light of death, red light of death etc. Now we are going to introduce one new problem freezing to our users.

What is PS3 Freezing and how to solve it?

It is nothing but your console’s response against heat. As PS3 heats up while gaming so it will need some time to get cooled down. This time gets converted into freezing.

PS3 Freezing

Below are some of the things/precautions that you can use to avoid freezing of your console.

1) Keep Ps3 console over a cold location. Consider great terrain or even something diffrent that’s great. Be a small inventive with this. Although, don’t employ moist rest room towels or even one thing. The idea doesn’t resolve ones ps3, it solely makes it more serious.

2) Reboot ones ps3. This may end the cold complications, however it’s additionally feasible it doesn’t get any kind of result in any way. Although it’s really worth a try although.

3) Was ones Ps3 sizzling once the freezes occured? Make an effort to great it along by placing ones ps3 slim off of. This kind of basically may fix the cold complications.

4) Verify the overall game disc and be sure there are simply no streaks. In that case, clean up it. I usually employ Windex as well as a really soft fabric.

5) Verify ones wires. Can there be any kind of loose cable connection? In that case, then connect it out there and back. Didn’t work? Take out the many wires which might be rocked inside But is not the ability cord. After you’ve completed this specific, connect these people back.

6) Look at yet another video game and find out what the results are. If it doesn’t freeze them throughout the some other video game, then it could be the hard drive itself.

These are some of the ways that can help you freeze out your PS3 easily. Just make sure to keep it away from excessive heat which will eventually solve this problem.


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