Elder Scrolls Online: ESO Wiki

The Elder Scrolls Online popularly known as ESO is one of the most popular MMO Game that we have now. It is a high quality game that is compatible with all sort of gaming devices. Be it Sony PlayStation, XBox or anything else, ESO rules everywhere. Talking about competitors then games like World of Warcraft (WoW) gives head to head competition to ESO. However if you ask me personally then both represents different world and both have merits/de-merits in their own ways.

Things that makes ESO unique than its competitors

Things that makes ESO stand apart from other similar games is its diverse gaming arena. Let me tell you that ESO was in development/testing phase for 7 continuous years. You will feel the efforts of those 7 years during the entire game play. Almost everything is take care of properly and you will find minimal errors/shortcomings in it.

ESO ClassesYou will find a well defines format, well defined/built characters, gaming zones and everything that you want from an MMO game.

Classes in ESO

ESO is divided in 4 unique classes. These are:

  • DragonKnight
  • Templar
  • Night Blade
  • Sorcerer

All these classes are embedded with unique powers/spells that allows them to stand apart from each other which makes the entire game play different every time you choose a new class. ESO Sorcerer Class is the class that I play most of the time with. It allows you to have complete freedom with variety range of  spells that are equally good and verse than any other ESO class.

ESO Latest Updates/Builds

Going onward we will cover latest updates about ESO. For now we don’t see anything special to be shared here. If you are a regular ESO player then you must be knowing the importance of character builds in game. Coming to character build then please take my advise which has helped me a lot in the entire process. Choose one character, understand its powers, uniqueness. Roam around the arena with it and have full control over it. Slowly and slowly start building its nature and keep repeating the process un till you think that it has got the right build.

Once it is done, switch over to next character and repeat the same. In this way you will easily build all your characters to next stage/level. Kindly let me know if anything required from my end.

Check Wiki Reference here


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